In late 2010, I had started a book by author Greg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and was inspired by one paragraph in particular:

“We’ve already seen that widely held beliefs of hate, separation and fear can destroy our bodies and our world faster than we could ever have imagined. Maybe all we need is a little shift in the way we think of ourselves in order to recognize the great truth that we are, in fact, the architects of our experience. We are cosmic artists expressing our deepest beliefs on the quantum canvas of the universe.”

The last sentence was very powerful for me and provided me with the inspiration to dream up the concept for this project.

After writing a rough draft of the project proposal, I approached a couple close friends, who were also fellow photographers, to get a feel for who may be interested in such an alternative collaboration.

One fellow colleague, Dan Speer ( closely resonated with the idea and jumped on board right away.

Below are a few of the first BTC photos that have been taken.